Why a Giraffe was forced to blog

Greetings – and welcome to my blog.Blogging Giraffe

I am a communications professional of another era – pre-blog, and pre-tweet – you know, the time when e-mailing was “in” and before instant messaging introduced acronyms like “lol”, “lmao”, “ttyl” into our everyday use of the English language. Omg… I know right? But it’s true. I developed my writing skills by compiling articles for non-profit organizations, documenting my travels around the world in lengthy e-mails that most people refused to read, and accepting freelance opportunities involving painful research for web content on asian videography and children’s health, while at the same time writing reviews on restaurants in and around Bavaria  (a story for another day… when I have inspiration in the form of weissbier and bretzen to guide me through the post)

I currently work in Outreach for a travel magazine called Verge Magazine, and after completing a long but successful circuit of traveling from Vancouver to Toronto and Montreal promoting the Go Global Expo, I’m now enjoying some peace and quiet, determined to try out this “blog-sphere” I hear has come to dominate much of the inter-web. Oh, internet. My apologies. You see, I moved back to Toronto from Munich about a year ago, and when searching for a full time job as a writer/communications professional, I noticed a new demand for experience from freelance writers. Blogging was the new web content when it came to valuable, and marketable, writing experience. But I’d missed this new wave of social media that has slowly devoured North America! In Germany, Facebook was just growing in popularity and twitter had barely hit the shelves! Little did I know that back home, writers were chronicling their every day views on life, travel, society..you name it! And this was in demand? I was fascinated! And devastated. All that I knew was turned upside down and I slowly realized that one day, if I had any chance of developing professionally as an aspiring writer/communication’s professional, I would have to start a blog.

Welcome to my blog. Here you will find articles on travel, life on the move, and insights into what I deem worth writing about. I will wait to see what direction my blog takes, but I welcome you to join me in a journey of discovery – I will do my best not to let you down.

Here goes…

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