The colours of India: Tiger Fort

Welcome back! Our photo essay recounting a journey through India is nearly over, but we still have a few more to go! So far, we’re visited the Taj Mahal,  Wagah, the Golden Temple, Pushkar, Varanasi and New Delhi, and met many beautiful people along the way. Now, I would like to welcome you to the Tiger Fort. Tiger Fort, more formally known as Nahargarh Fort, Tiger Fort overlooks the beautiful city of Jaipur and the Hawa Mahal (pictured below). The Hawa Mahal is known as “Palace of the Winds” and was built in 1799 in order to allow royal ladies to observe the happenings of their kingdom without being seen.

While we didn’t stop in Jaipur because there had been a bombing in the market just weeks prior to our departure, we simply couldn’t pass by the Tiger Fort without stepping foot inside. So, grab a cup of masala chai and Let’s explore the beauty, the mystique and the architecture of this wondrous fortress.

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