Street Eats, Munich, Germany: Leberkäse or Obatzda mit Bretzen?

Welcome back to Street Eats, the series where we roam the world, discovering the best and the worst street snacks from coast to coast. Today, we head to one of my all-time favourite destinations, the city of Munich! Tucked in the heart of Bavaria, Munich has everything a traveler could ask for. Rich in history with cultural fests like Oktoberfest and Tollwood (summer and winter festival) taking place all year round, visitors to Munich can enjoy beautiful architecture in the form of Schlosses (palaces), inviting parks and gardens, museums, and (drum roll please)… beer gardens!

Prost! Shout out to the beer gardens of Munich

This city holds such a special place in my heart that I actually wrote an entire series on the “Best of Munich”, starting with #10 Schloss Nymphenburg and working down to my favourite place to visit in Munich, the Englischer Garten. One of my favourite things to do in the Englischer Garten (the English Garden) is share a Mass with friends at the Chinese Tower, the Chinesischer Turm, one of the city’s most happening beer gardens. As a newbie on the beer scene, I always order a Radler – a combination of lemon-lime soda and Helles (light beer) or Weissbier (wheat beer) meant to sustain cyclists (Radler = cyclist) in the mountains of Germany and Austria without getting them drunk – and a most refreshing way to welcome in a summer’s day.

Stirring up a thirst like no other, it’s very important to choose the right food to accompany your drink! For most, the easiest snack to grab on-the-go is are big soft Bretzen (pretzels), garnished with a dash of salt to make you go back for another sip. My preferred way to enjoy Bretzen however, includes a big helping of Obatzda, my go-to snack when frequenting any beer garden in Munich. Obatzda is basically a heavenly, albeit creamy, mixture of Camembert, butter, herbs and onions: check out this recipe recently posted by and try making your own!

image credit: Monele58
image credit: Monele58

While obatzda may be my favourite thing to enjoy in Munich, it doesn’t really constitute as street food. For that reason, my vote goes to…

#1 Street snack in Munich: Leberkäse

image credit: McPig
image credit: McPig

What is it? 

Leberkäse is kind of like the equivalent of North American meatloaf, only ten times better. The name literally translates from German into “liver” (leber) “cheese” (käse) but thankfully contains neither. In fact, it is a simple helping of meat (pork) served in a crispy white bun (three cheers for German bread) and garnished in sweet or hot mustard, whatever your preference.

Where can you find it?

Leberkäse can be found in most markets, as well as at festival booths,  train stations, and butcher shops found around the city. It’s a real go-to for those who have a long train-ride ahead of them or for tourists walking around the city who need a little energy boost and want something affordable and filling to see them on their way.

Travelers Tip! The Viktualienmarkt in central Munich is a great place to stop for a bite. Surrounded by vendors sending beautiful flowers, cheeses, crafts and nestled among the buildings of Marienplatz just next door, it’s a popular tourist destination which means it can be a little pricey. Grab a Leberkäse and take in the sights, without breaking the bank.

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