Street Eats, St.Petersburg, Russia: Cinnamon coated almonds… yum!

Welcome back to our Street Eats series, where we explore some of the world’s most delicious (and outrageous) street food. Today we’re venturing to St.Petersburg, Russia, one of the richest cities in the world.  Rich in history, the city boasts formidable architecture, from the hermitage to numerous palaces including Catherine’s Palace and the Peterhof, the wealth of rulers like Peter the Great visible at every turn. The gateway to Russia, the city continues to attract tourists from all over the world looking to enjoy a comfortable stay in modern Russia while taking a journey back in time through the era of the Tsars and the iron clasp of Communism that is still tangible in St.Petersburg today.

Restaurants within the city walls boast both local and neighbouring cuisine, the most famous being Khachapuri, a delicious Georgian cheese bread, in addition of course, to traditional Russian delicacies like Pelmeni, Borsch and Russian crepes! Yum-my. Outside of “sit-down” venues, St.Petersburg doesn’t really offer an assortment of food options. After all, you can’t sip on vodka and stroll at the same time! Fast food like Subway is, unfortunately, readily available for those in a hurry, but if you’re wandering around the city and in search of a little something to tie you over until dinner time, then here’s one sweet temptation you won’t want to miss.

#1 Street Snack in St.Petersburg: Cinnamon coated almonds

Cinnamon covered almondsWhat are they?

They are, quite simply, almonds (or hazelnuts, or pistachios depending on the stall and you’re favourite kind of nut) covered with a sweet cinnamon dusting. A satisfying way to start, interrupt, or end your day.

Where can you find them?

Available at most tourists hot-spots, cinnamon coated almonds can be found in any relaxing environment where people are bound to stroll. I sampled these treats while wandering through the  Mikhailovsky Gardens but encountered stalls many times throughout my trip for the bargain price of 50 rubles, or $1.50 CAD.

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