Christmas traditions: Finding a balance between giving and receiving this holiday season

x-mas with LunaWhen I think of the word tradition, all I can think of the actors from this year’s production of Fiddler on the Roof screaming “TRADITION! Tradition.” The honest truth is that I’ve never been a stickler for tradition but I do make one very big exception during the holiday season. After all, what more is a tradition than something to look forward to, year after year, Christmas after Christmas!

Of course Christmas traditions vary the world round. While in some countries, knowing that each family is celebrating the same way is a tradition in itself, the beauty of Christmas in Canada lies in the understanding that each person has a unique way to ring in the holiday season. Moving away from its religious roots (to what is, I’m sure, the chagrin of church goers everywhere), these traditions are based primarily on memorable moments passed on from generation to generation and celebrated with friends, or family… or both!

Click here to read the whole article via my latest blog on momstown Milton!

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