For Now, For Always, Forever Daddy’s Little Girl

IMG_20140521_145912When I found out I was pregnant, I immediately started praying for a girl. Well, I would have, if I prayed. But I did start wishing really, really hard and in the end, my wish came true. On September 16th, our little Luna was born and since then, I have spent twelve hours a day being at her complete beck and call. I feed her, I change her, I dress her, I soothe her, I bathe her, and I play with her, yet the moment my husband walks through the door, it’s as if I was never there.

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One thought on “For Now, For Always, Forever Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. My girls were like that for years. I’d come home from work and they’d have to climb all over me. They’d want me to take them to the park, push them on the swing etc. My wife did her fair share of that and I did many diapers as well.
    It was a wonderful time in our lives.

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