Exploring the seaside town of Whitby, North Yorkshire


In the county of North Yorkshire, travelers can find the small town of Whitby. An old seaside resort town made popular when family holidays meant trips to the nearest beach, residents are the first to tell you that little has changed over the course last hundred years – and that’s just the way they like it.



Built on a history of shipbuilding and whaling, Whitby itself is nestled among beautiful cliffs lining the borders of the North Sea which continues to provide a delicious mixture of fresh fish, crab and lobster for both residents and tourists to enjoy. On the top of the hill, ruins of Whitby Abbey founded in 657AD, remind visitors of the historical significance of a town now made up of crafty boutiques, souvenir shops and arcade games lining the pier.


Walking the streets of the old town however, visitors can feast on a variety of delicacies, the two most popular being sweet cakes and a strong cup of tea, and Whitby’s famous selection of seafood, from crab sandwiches to lobster, there’s no shortage of yummy treats escaping the waters only to land on the plates of drooling walkers by.

Around every corner of Whitby, you’ll discover an iconic fish and chip shop, tempting customers with the disarming smell of fried batter seeping out the door ways and mixing beautifully with the sharp scent of malt vinegar awaiting clients at every windowsill.


Inevitably we set out to sample the best plate of fish and chips this town to offer. So, we headed to Magpie Cafe to see if Whitby really lived up to it’s reputation as the best dish in the UK.


While my haddock was succulent, I’ll leave the ranking to those doing the eating. But I will say it’s worth the bite. Beyond fish and chips, Whitby is known to literature buffs for being the docking place of Bram Stoker’s famous character Dracula and his Russian ship, The Demeter. Worth a visit if you’re in the area, a stroll around Whitby is a lovely way to spend an afternoon. Bring your beach wear and and umbrella just in case – the hospitality may be unwavering but the weather certainly, is not.

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