5 Delicious (and Thirst Quenching) Ways to Enjoy Boston

This winter, I had the pleasure of visiting Boston for the very first time, and wasn’t at all disappointed. While the reason for the visit was a wedding that was held at the Petit Robert Bistro ( a charming restaurant that I would certainly recommend for both the ambiance and the deliciously catered spread they offered following the ceremony) we also had time to saunter around the city and explore the many flavours of Bostonian cuisine.

Finding innovative ways to escape the cold, my husband and I sought sanctuary in coffee shops and other eateries around town, and as a result, discovered some (by no means all) pretty delicious ways to enjoy Boston. Here they are:

Max Brenner

From the minute you walk into Max Brenner until you finally sample a heavenly cup of cocoa-based goodness, it’s impossible not to get lost in the luscious smell of chocolate circulating throughout the cafe. When you first sit down, the menu seems endless, filled with both food and drink that are slathered in oodles of all types of chocolate.

Since we were buying our time until lunch, my husband and I decided to limit our order to whopping cups of delicious dark and milk hot chocolates. Both were luxurious, but the dark chocolate was absolutely to die for. The best part? The cute little hug mugs they use to serve warm drinks; the perfect wrap-around size to warm your hands up on a cold day and make you feel right at home.

Hug Mug, Max Brenners, Boston

Boston Travel Max Brenners

Eastern Standard

Come one, come all! Eastern Standard offers what are, hands down, the best cocktails in Boston. We had the opportunity to visit twice over the course of three days and each time we left wanting to try just one more of their creatively concocted seasonal cocktails. What I loved about Eastern Standard was that it served as both a watering hole both for the upwardly elite and the grounded hipster. With room to dine and a bar that is packed, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect cocktail, whatever your taste.

The best part? The list of late night snacks they write on the mirror directly behind the bar. It’s such a great way to let people know what’s on the menu and I can only assume… it’s frikkin’ delicious.

Eastern Standard Cocktail Boston, Travel

Eastern Standard Boston, Travel

Dirty Water Dough

Oh. My. God. The only thing that compares to award winning cocktails is mouth watering pizza. The crust was soft, the toppings inspired and the flavour… explosive! Walking along Newbury Street, our tummies were rumbling and we were on the lookout for a unique eatery that would reward both the patient, and the hungry. After cruising up and down the street, we finally landed on Dirty Water Dough,  a cute little cafe complete with a selection of booze, delicious pizza and a great view over Newbury Street, so you can people watch while you eat! Since the choice of pizza was endless, we decided to optimize our tasting experience and split a few slices of the BBQ Chix, the Abe Froman and the Blazin’ Buffalo. Indiana Jones would be proud. As it turns out, we chose… wisely!

Dirty Water Dough Boston

Dirty Water Dough Pizza, Boston

Legal Sea Foods

When we arrived in Boston, my husband realized that he’d forgotten his suit jacket at home, and since he was giving a speech at the wedding we were attending, we had a total of 2 hours to find him a brand new one. Conveniently, our hotel led straight into Copley Place, and after a chaotic hour of tracking down the best deal on a suit (which we found at Lord and Taylor in case you’re in the area and in the market for some new threads), it was time for a drink!

And so, the first glass of wine I had in Boston was at the Legal Sea Foods in Copley Place! Legal Sea Foods offered a wicked good choice of wine and apps able to please the palate of someone who doesn’t even eat fish – moi! But I do eat battered covered octopus (and drink copious amounts of good wine) and the spicy Crispy Montauk Calamari was absolutely scrumptious! With multiple locations around Boston, Legal Sea Foods is a great place to keep in mind for any time of day.

Cheers at Faneuil Hall

Cheers, Boston TravelWhether or not it’s wine o’clock, a trip to Cheers at Faneuil Hall is a super fun way to kick-back and map our where to go to next! After you’ve enjoyed a little stroll around the market, take a seat – and then a picture with cardboard cutouts of your favourite characters from the classic 80’s sitcom. If you’re in town on the weekends, you can also enjoy live music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights as you peruse the abundant beer list that gives Cheers its well-deserved name.

Given the friendly nature of the bartenders serving up a frothy pint,  if nobody knew your name on the way in, chances are good you’ll all be well-acquainted by the time you leave. If you’re nibbly, you can order up some pub-fare on the spot, or take a visit inside the hall where you’ll find a wide variety of bits and bites to fill you up before you go.

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