Café Cubano: My Favourite Miami Wake Up

While running along the promenade in South Beach was perhaps my favourite way to start the day, the ultimate Miami wake up was found off the beach, and on the strip and in one teeny, tiny cup of delicious Cuban Coffee.

Pour me a (mini) cup of Cuban Coffee

Maybe it’s the way it’s brewed – humbly, in the back of mom and pop shops, with genuine friendliness, as if those who serve it are offering you the first moment of respite after a long, weary travel. Perhaps it’s the fact that it’s meant to bring people together, served in one cup and accompanied by enough smaller cups to share with however many companions you happen to have by your side. Most likely, it’s the flavour; the smoky beginning, and the silky smooth way it leaves a sugary trail running down your throat. Whatever the reason, I can honestly say I am addicted to Cuban Coffee – in the best kind of way.

Cuban Coffee, Miami, travelCuban Coffee, Miami, Travel

What is Cuban Coffee?

Having discovered Cuban Coffee during a recent bachelorette trip to Miami, I find myself craving it around
sunrise and sunset most every day. It is just the perfect way to start the day, and the nicest way to end it.

Admittedly, before writing this, I had absolutely no idea what cuban coffee was. After digging around a little,  I can know tell you that Cuban Coffee, or Café Cubano, is an espresso shot that is sweetened with demerara sugar (a type of brown sugar) while being brewed. Apparently the recipe is pretty flexible, so it may or may not be consistent from cup to cup, or cafe to cafe.

However they make it, if you’re ever in Miami (or anywhere else that serves Cuban Coffee), don’t hesitant to try a cup! The locals will love you, and your tastebuds will thank you. Grab a friend (or five) and enjoy the rich taste of  Café Cubano.

Good Earth Coffee House and Bakery: The Best in the West

Good Earth Coffee House and Bakery: The Best in the West

On a recent dash out to Calgary – en route to Canmore for a long weekend of celebrating the nuptials of a dear old friend – I had the opportunity to enjoy an early morning run along the Bow River. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping and I was running with one of my best friends in the whole world – it was absolute bliss.

Those of you who follow me, know of my LOVE for discovering a new city on foot. There’s nothing like waking up before the sun’s up to unlock what lies behind the tourist scene; watching people open their stores, what kind of transport they take, and scoping out all the good coffee shops as the scent of freshly baked goodness floods my, what is by then, very receptive nostrils.

Canmore, Travel, Good Earth Cafe

It’s not a big surprise that these runs normally end with me in one of these coffee shops, drink in hand and pastry crammed into mouth. After all, I run because I really, really, really like desserts. Ergo, early morning run = right to enjoy foreign pastries. While I’ve been fortunate enough to literally run into some delicious coffee joints, I recently discovered a new favourite, which currently has locations solely throughout Western Canada, and will henceforth be known as “The Best in the West”.

Good Earth Coffee House and Bakery is a delicious chain of coffee shops with a dedication the creation of killer coffee and delicious pastries. After months, possibly years of not eating muffins, I dug my teeth into a delicious zucchini barley muffin… twice. As much as I hate myself for saying this, all I could focus on was how moist it was. God, I hate that word. But that’s exactly what it was; unbelievably and inexplicably moist. With chunks of berry in between every bite, it became a morning ritual I could definitely get used to (of course, at 300 calories each, I’d have to add an additional 5k to the run, but it would be so, so worth it).

My drink of choice? A Skinny Earl Grey Tea Latte. Skim milk and sugar-free. No love – or flavour lost. Enjoy!

Canmore, Travel, Good Earth

Rapid Review: Cafe Berlin, Washington D.C

Rapid Review: Cafe Berlin, Washington D.C

Schmeckt gut. Schmeckt SEHR gut.

On a recent weekend getaway to Washington D.C, my husband and I decided to get a little nostalgic and test out Cafe Berlin. We hadn’t had good schnitzel in a while and decided to take advantage of the good weather, the beautiful patio and the twinkling lights that brought a little Europe back into our lives. It turned out to be the best decision we made all weekend.

Schnitzel. Beer. Schlager Musik. Ja!

In addition to sipping on some truly delicious beer (I was even able to order a Radler – the German version of a Shandy – without getting a questioning stare in return), I was able to nibble on Obatzda und Bretzen, my all-time favourite beer-garden treat! As it turns out, in Cafe Berlin, in the middle of  Washington, I was in Bavarian heaven – without giving up a week’s worth of holiday.

The Huehner Schnitzel was fabulous. The atmosphere romantic. The Schlager Musik? Well, it felt just like home away from home. Fun for those with a bit of German running through their blood, connoisseurs of Bavarian culture or die-hard fans of the Die deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft, Cafe Berlin certainly will always hit the spot.

Cafe Berlin, Washington D.C