Short, Blonde, Bearded Germans Tackle the Capital One Race for Kids

Short, Blonde, Bearded Germans Tackle the Capital One Race for Kids

I may have accidentally stumbled upon what is by far the sweetest race in all Toronto. Picture the Amazing Race. The adrenaline, the checkpoints, the challenges. Now bring all that hype to Toronto and donate all the money raised to a charity whose mission it is to to “provide a safe, supportive place where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships and develop confidence and skills for life.” Welcome to the Capital One Race for Kids.

Short, Blonde, Bearded and sort of German

Capital One Race for Kids, TorontoThe weather was perfect as we rolled into the square at Yonge and Dundas. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze sweeping over
race participants as they entered from every corner of Toronto. Most were wearing the bright red Capital One Race for Kids T-Shirts we’d been given as part of our race-kit. Others, like us, had customized their uniforms and showed up in neon jumpsuits, corporate swag and serious looking sports attire we weren’t 100% prepared for.

As 60+ teams gathered together in the square, we started to get the sense that this was a bigger deal than we’d anticipated. We’d signed up months ago at the recommendation of a friend and nearly had to back out because of injuries, babysitting trauma and other complications that would have made it way easier just to stay at home and work on our tan. Thankfully, last minute, we’d managed to get our act together and show up on time at the start line. The Short, Blonde, Bearded Germans had arrived.

After mixing and mingling with the race organizers, and posing for a few pictures for tourists, we were welcomed to the main event by a kids dance group who rocked the stage and a warm up led by a fitness guru who sent a number of the men skipping their way straight to the sidelines. Upon receiving a detailed break down of the rules, which included the ability to use public transit, and allowing the corporate fundraisers a 5 minute head-start (darn you!), we were off. Continue reading “Short, Blonde, Bearded Germans Tackle the Capital One Race for Kids”

Quick Tip #11: Take friends and family along for the adventure!


One of the hardest things about long-term travel is saying goodbye. Whether you’re the one leaving or the one staying behind, when you’re away from the person or people you love, staying sane can be a challenge. You might not feel it right away, but once in a while, even the most seasoned of travelers have a bad day. And if you’re stuck in a strange city when nostalgia hits, things can look pretty bleak.

Now it goes without saying that an adventure is an adventure because it is full of unexpected mishaps, surprise destinations and random acts of folly. No one expects you to be on your phone all the time, or updating your Facebook status by checking-in at every crossroad. They do however, expect you to touch base when time allows. Unfortunately, and despite the very best of intentions, the spontaneous nature of travel means that it can also be really,really hard to keep in touch.

For your benefit, and that of the people you love, it can be really useful to come up with a routine way of keeping people up to date with where you are, the adventures you’re having and the general on-goings of life on the road. Here are ways to keep in touch with the ones you love while living the dream and discovering the world: Continue reading “Quick Tip #11: Take friends and family along for the adventure!”

Two Days in Malacca: The Perfect Pit-Stop

Two Days in Malacca: The Perfect Pit-Stop

In 2008, I had the great fortune of landing in Singapore, where I started the journey of a lifetime. After regrouping in South East Asia’s most hustling and bustling hub, I decided to head north towards Kuala Lampur. En route however, I made the decision to stopover for 2 days in Malacca, the third smallest Malaysian state, located in the straits of Malacca – a paradise for pirates in days gone by. Here are my impressions on road as I discovered a city steeped well in history – a great stopover for any wanderer on walkabout.

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