The Long-Haul-Flight Survival Guide

Written by guest blogger, Scott

Most people who travel have undergone the discommodious experience of spending several hours in a small economy-class airline seat with leg room that would only be comfortable for a 6-year-old. Sometimes there is no room for your bag, or a baby screams the whole flight from elevation-induced ear popping, or the passenger beside you smells like he bet his buddies he could go a week without bathing (and won). Now think about all of your airplane horror stories and imagine them on an 18-hour non-stop flight. Kinda gives a whole new meaning to the term “cabin fever,” doesn’t it?

According to Fox News, non-stop, long-hour international flights are becoming more common, especially among traveling business professionals wanting to avoid layovers. Perhaps the longest (time-wise) non-stop is the nearly 9000-mile flight from Los Angeles to Singapore that can take upwards of 18 and a half hours. That’s basically the length of two full work days. Close quarters, stuffy air and sheer boredom can make 18 hours seem like a week. When you equip yourself like a traveling pro for flights like these, it will help them go quickly and comfortably so you can arrive at your destination rested and refreshed.

One rookie mistake travelers make is to bring too much on the plane. If it’s a full flight and you need to put your bag under your seat, you just gave up the little leg room that you had to begin with. Also, the more stuff you bring the harder it is to find what you need when rummaging around a dark cabin. To pack efficiently and preparedly for a long-haul flight, stick to some basic travel essentials. Continue reading “The Long-Haul-Flight Survival Guide”

Quick Tip #4: Avoid Baggage Check and Carry-on!

Leave your worries behind… and half your baggage too! Despite how much you think you simply can’t live without, you’d be surprised just how easy it is to enjoy a comfortable holiday using just a carry-on.

Photo: Luggage Hut

As I was packing for my three week honeymoon to Bali and Thailand with a stopover in Singapore and Malaysia, I remember being asked how in the world I would survive using only a carry-on. While the plan was to buy some clothes once we arrived, I quickly realized that there was nothing I needed that wasn’t already in my bag. There are a few secrets that help when attempting to pack half your life in a tiny piece of luggage, and I’d love to share:

Continue reading “Quick Tip #4: Avoid Baggage Check and Carry-on!”

Quick Tip #2: Be Spontaneous! Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead

One of the amazing things about travel is the ability to follow your feet and jump in the direction of all that inspires. Whether you’re joining in with friends you’ve met at the hostel or making a last minute decision to extend your stay in a country of particular interest, it’s important to keep a flexible schedule in order to get the most out of any travel experience.

If it’s your first time traveling solo-overseas, it can be tempting to book everything beforehand: from flights to hotel to transport on the ground, it’s comforting to know that everything is taken care of prior to take-off. Keep in mind that this will seriously limit your ability to move around once you touch down (take the advice of someone who watched a pre-booked flight to Vietnam take off from Bangkok because of a romantic encounter that re-routed her in favour of Cambodia). While last minute travel plans and cancellations happen to the best of backpackers and elite travelers alike, it’s best to keep your options open in order to get the most out of your time abroad.