Flying high! 5 Tips For Getting Bumped to Business On Your Next Flight

Flying high! 5 Tips For Getting Bumped to Business On Your Next Flight

A few months back, as I waited to board my plane to Siesta Key, I heard my name being announced on the loud speaker, beckoning me to visit the boarding counter. Oh, crap I thought, they’ve overbooked and I’m going to be booted onto the next flight. In my head I was starting the negotiations for food certificates and some money back for my troubles. How surprised I was, when the attendant behind the counter thanked me for showing up and proceeded to tell me that I’d been upgraded to business class! They’d accidentally sold me my seat after it had already been booked by a family traveling with a young infant, said the gentleman behind the counter apologetically, re-printing my ticket. Three months pregnant, hungry and standing at 6 feet tall, I sure as hell wasn’t complaining.

As I sipped on the complimentary wine and nibbled on my free hot meal (while those behind me in economy had to fork out cash for their on-board snacks) I thought to myself, in today’s world, where every aspect of flight is for sale, especially seats, what are the odds of being bumped to business? Continue reading “Flying high! 5 Tips For Getting Bumped to Business On Your Next Flight”

Flying: Antidote for the Common Layover

Written by: Alison Eckhardt

If you’re like me and are always looking for the best (cheapest) flight deals, you’re often stuck with one or two airport layovers before reaching your international travel destination. Re-calling stories of my travel adventures with family and friends, I’m often stumped when I hear: “Oh I haven’t been to Germany; I’ve only been to the airport in Frankfurt”.

The flight layover can be the most boring, semi-anxious time when traveling. You’ve waited months for this and after hours in an airport even your inner-child is screaming “are we there yet”? Waiting in the terminal for your next departure time may dampen your mood, but it shouldn’t deter your experience in the country you’re in. There are plenty of things to do, whether you are trapped in the terminal or have a half day layover. Get off the chair, disengage from your internet phone and give yourself a brief introduction to what the country has to offer! Continue reading “Flying: Antidote for the Common Layover”