Street Eats, Thailand: Mango Sticky Rice or Dried Crickets?

Street Eats, Thailand: Mango Sticky Rice or Dried Crickets?

Introducing our new series called “Street Eats”, where we cover our favourite street food from around the world! Come along as we review some of our favourites (and some of our not-so-favourites) and leave your favourite street eats below, in the comments section!

Street Eats in Thailand

Today we take a look at Thailand, one of my favourite all-time holiday destinations, for me -and my taste buds! It’s no secret that Thai food tops the charts when it comes to flavour and variety of cuisine. From Mango Salad and Pad Thai to Tom Kha Gai and Satay, there are countless flavours to explore whether you’re in the North or South, exploring the jungle or basking under the sun on some of the world’s best beaches. When it comes to eating on the streets, you can get your hands on just about anything your heart desires but when it comes to the best of the best, my vote goes to…

#1 Street Snack in Thailand: Mango Sticky Rice

My absolute favourite street food in Thailand is Mango Sticky Rice – bar none. It is the most tantalizing dish I have ever eaten and may actually be the best street snack I’ve ever had. Ever. Continue reading “Street Eats, Thailand: Mango Sticky Rice or Dried Crickets?”

Quick Tip #2: Be Spontaneous! Don’t Plan Too Far Ahead

One of the amazing things about travel is the ability to follow your feet and jump in the direction of all that inspires. Whether you’re joining in with friends you’ve met at the hostel or making a last minute decision to extend your stay in a country of particular interest, it’s important to keep a flexible schedule in order to get the most out of any travel experience.

If it’s your first time traveling solo-overseas, it can be tempting to book everything beforehand: from flights to hotel to transport on the ground, it’s comforting to know that everything is taken care of prior to take-off. Keep in mind that this will seriously limit your ability to move around once you touch down (take the advice of someone who watched a pre-booked flight to Vietnam take off from Bangkok because of a romantic encounter that re-routed her in favour of Cambodia). While last minute travel plans and cancellations happen to the best of backpackers and elite travelers alike, it’s best to keep your options open in order to get the most out of your time abroad.



Thailand Chronicles 2008: Krabi, Kho Phi Phi, Chiang Mai

Thailand Chronicles 2008: Krabi, Kho Phi Phi, Chiang Mai

Oh, hello again! Back for more are you? Well, here it is.

The morning (and by morning, I mean late morning, since technically we were still partying on the beach when the sun broke through the clouds of Kho Phan Nhang) following the Full Moon Party, my girlfriend and I spent the next day recovering on the beach before gearing up for our overnight bus/ferry trip to Krabi. To give you an accurate picture of what the ferry portion of this trip looked like, imagine sardines. Now imagine less space in between bodies and humans in the place of fish. That was the ferry full of passengers, leaving Kho Pha Ngan behind en route to their next adventure. Having thrown-up twice and popped two Gravol in the hopes of passing out for the entirety of the journey, I was over the moon when I boarded ship and discovered I had been given a wall seat. My less fortunate travel companion, tucked snugly between my body and that of a stranger next to her, hardly slept a wink. It must be said, overnight ferry travel in Thailand is not for the weak at heart (or stomach, for that matter).

Continue reading “Thailand Chronicles 2008: Krabi, Kho Phi Phi, Chiang Mai”