This Is Thirty.

Two hours to go. One hour and fifty-two minutes to be exact. But hey, who’s counting?

Thirty. What does it mean? Nothing much. I mean, 40’s my scary age. It’s the age I remember my parent’s being when I was little. Thirty? Well, thirty was the age of successful businessmen and women who had tons of money to spend on wine, houses and I don’t know… travel? With wine in hand, sitting inside a house I rent, looking forward to an upcoming weekend in Boston, I figure I’m on the right track, no? Well, that’s just the thing. I have absolutely no idea.This is Thirty

My twenties were about adventure. I traveled. I found love. I made wonderful mistakes, and then I learned from them and quickly moved on (from some more quickly than others). It was a time of excitement, a time of firsts, and probably a time of lasts as well – I’m getting too old for that kind of hangover. As the hours wind down though, I’m starting to wonder whether or not I’m ready to say goodbye to what might have been the most memorable years of my life. I mean, what can compare with an university exchange to Toulouse? A volunteer placement in Tanzania? A career as a varsity athlete? Albeit, all of that happened during my early twenties. During my late twenties, I met my husband under the full moon on a beach in Thailand, traveled solo throughout Asia, moved to Germany, got married and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Not too shabby. Continue reading “This Is Thirty.”

Brainstorming a Bucket List for the Everyday: What’s on your list?

Brainstorming a Bucket List for the Everyday: What’s on your list?

Accepting that you won’t live to infinity – or beyond

I was in the car this morning on my way to work, when I popped in a CD from my carefree days at Ottawa University. In between Carrie Underwood belting out the lyrics to “Before he Cheats” and Sarah Brightman serenading me with a wicked rendition of “Deliver Me“, I came across a song by Tim McGraw’s  called “Live like you were dying”. If you know the song, you know that it’s all about what you would do if you knew your days were numbered. If you haven’t heard this song before, you can listen to it here.

As I listened to the familiar words of the song, I realized that while, to date, I’m extraordinarily content with where I am in every aspect of my life, there is always the possibility that I won’t be around – forever. My husband thinks talking about death is morbid. I, on the other hand, have a running list of music to play at my ‘celebration of life’ should I make an exit earlier than planned.

And thus, I started contemplating the makings of a Bucket List. When you actually down sit to write one, you discover that it’s a bit of a daunting task. Sure, there’s the obvious ones like travel: easy right? So where do you want to travel? Anywhere I haven’t been. No wait! I have to be more specific. South America? Oh, and Western Africa. And the Middle-East. Oh you mean countries! Argentina, Peru, Jordan, Kenya, etc. etc. etc…. and there goes the entire point of making a Bucket List in the first place. No, you can’t have it all. But yes, you can try.

It’s not easy to articulate the things you want most in the world. After all, including certain things means the exemption of others (or having a list as long as your arm). A few friends of mine have taken a more specific approach to the creation of a Bucket List. While one set a more generic “30 under 30” goal, challenging herself to visit 30 countries by the time she reached 30, another created a more specific “40 things to do before 40” and she’s well on her way to checking things off the list. While I’m currently working on my list. I have no idea what shape it will take, but I know that I need to see my goals on paper: it’s time.

The funny thing about compiling a gigantic sized Bucket List that includes everything you’ve ever wanted to accomplish is that many of the things that end up being put on that list aren’t as enormous as international travel, cost next to nothing, and could very well be accomplished every single day. Continue reading “Brainstorming a Bucket List for the Everyday: What’s on your list?”