What Happens in Vegas: How to Bachelorette in Sin City

What Happens in Vegas: How to Bachelorette in Sin City

When my girlfriend suggested Vegas for her bachelorette, my jaw nearly hit the floor. With a 7 month old baby (who I love and adore) forcing me to stay at home and work a 7 day week (check out this hilarious video on the subject of world’s toughest job), I was dying to get out of town and – for more than 24 hours – not be responsible for another human being. The planning started sometime into the New Year and all of a sudden we were booked: 6 girls traveling to Las Vegas over the Easter holidays. A dream come true? You have no idea.

Toronto – Dallas – Vegas

Our trip started with a 3 hour plane ride to Dallas (see the cowboy below for proof). Our package had us boarding a US Airways flight operated by American Airlines. This little arrangement made checking-in online extremely confusing, since the confirmation number sent to me by Expedia was completely different than the one required by AA to check-in. If you’re heading to Vegas from Toronto on a similar flight, it’s advisable to note a few things before you board.



  • Entertainment: The first leg of the trip will most likely be on a larger plane with an entertainment system (score!) so bring headphones. Unfortunately, on this leg of our return flight, 2 out of 3 units didn’t work, but hey, you might get lucky. The second leg of the trip is on a much smaller plane with significantly less leg room and no entertainment system, however if you bring your ipad or tablet, you can pay for WiFi and get access to movies, etc.
  • Food: You get none, so buy snacks beforehand.
  • Drink: You get complimentary drinks both ways. Alcoholic beverages are extra. On this note – when you get off the plane in Vegas, there is a liquor store that proves very useful for travelers looking to jump right into the Vegas vibe. The airport is close enough to the strip that your buzz won’t wear off – I promise.
  • Baggage: Last but not least, you will have to pay for any checked baggage so if you can squeeze all your shoes into a carry-on, it’s one way to save $50 (money that can definitely be put to better use once you land).

The Dallas airport was awesome. Great places to grab a bite and very easy to navigate. The train transporting passengers between terminals is efficient and runs constantly so if you’re connecting, there is absolutely no need to panic, or leave an hour to reach your gate. You’ll get there in plenty of time, so grab a Starbucks (seriously, avoid the other cafes, I tried them) and wander until your flight gets announced. Continue reading “What Happens in Vegas: How to Bachelorette in Sin City”