Street Eats, Cambodia: Mangosteen or Rat on a Stick?

Street Eats, Cambodia: Mangosteen or Rat on a Stick?

Welcome back to “Street Eats”, the series where we share our favourite street food from around the world. Grab a plate and join in!

Street Eats in Cambodia

Today, we’re skipping from Thailand and the deliciousness of Mango Sticky Rice to the neighbouring country of Cambodia. Unfortunate as it is, I have to admit – when it comes to street food, Cambodia doesn’t necessarily top the charts, or my charts anyways. While I always found something to eat while dining along the riverside in Siem Riep or after touring the magnificence of the Ankors near Phnom Penh, I can’t say I went in search of Cambodian street food during my visit to what is otherwise an incredible, incredible country.

Not my bag of spiders

Why didn’t street food in Cambodia appeal to my seemingly picky palate? Reason #1 would be that I don’t particularly enjoy fish. And by “not particularly”, I mean I hate it. With a passion. And unfortunately – from Fish Amok to the famous Khmer Curry (which can be served with beef or chicken) – there is a lot of fish floating (more likely being carted) around on the streets of Cambodia. Reason #2 would be that another specialty found along the streets, in the markets, and alongside the bus routes is insects, which after reading my post on Street Eats in Thailand, you’ll know I don’t rush to ingest. These babies (grilled tarantulas) were at a bus stop en route from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh. Would you, or wouldn’t you?


So, what exactly did I sample off the streets of Cambodia? Well, let me tell you, it wasn’t the rat-on-a-stick, or the snake-on-the-stick being sold on the streets of Siem Reap. Nope, in a warm southern country such as this, I chose to indulge in the vegetarian lifestyle and stuff my face with the sweetest – and most beautiful – fruit I have ever had. So, my vote goes to… Continue reading “Street Eats, Cambodia: Mangosteen or Rat on a Stick?”