Street Eats, Malaysia: Bullfrog or Durian fruit?

Street Eats, Malaysia: Bullfrog or Durian fruit?

Welcome to Street Eats, our series that covers our favourite street food from around the world

Today, we’re taking a look at Malaysia, a country that offers up a tasty selection up when it comes to what you can eat, on the street. In fact, Malaysia offers such an array of snacks – from noodles to fruit juice, fried sweets and sizzling satay – that it’s really hard to pick just one. So, I’m not going to! This time I’m going to highlight the one street snack that, during my travels to Malacca, Kuala Lampur, Penang and Langawki, took me the farthest away from my comfort zone (and another that I hope never to have to taste – or smell – ever again). When it comes to the most unique street snack in Malaysia, my vote goes to…

#1 Street Snack in Malaysia: Bullfrog

World Travels a) 317I never believed people when they described something as tasting “just like chicken”… until I tried Bullfrog.

What is it?

It’s bullfrog! Cooked in a broth with onions and chives (if memory serves me right). It is surprisingly soft, not at all chewy or tough, if you eat around the veins and small bones that is. It’s also relatively easy to stomach, until you flip it over and see that it is, in fact, a dead frog. In your bowl. I may have cut this meal a little short…

Where can you find it?

You can try bullfrog on Alor Street, one of the best places to find street food in Kuala Lampur! The hawkers of Alor Street fill up the night skies with smells that will make your mouth water and tempt you to indulge in the unknown.

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Two Days in Malacca: The Perfect Pit-Stop

Two Days in Malacca: The Perfect Pit-Stop

In 2008, I had the great fortune of landing in Singapore, where I started the journey of a lifetime. After regrouping in South East Asia’s most hustling and bustling hub, I decided to head north towards Kuala Lampur. En route however, I made the decision to stopover for 2 days in Malacca, the third smallest Malaysian state, located in the straits of Malacca – a paradise for pirates in days gone by. Here are my impressions on road as I discovered a city steeped well in history – a great stopover for any wanderer on walkabout.

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