Why My Husband (Still) Owes Me a Trip To Vietnam

Why My Husband (Still) Owes Me a Trip To Vietnam

Typical. Just when you think you’ve bitten the bullet and set off on a solo-adventure to “find” yourself, you end up meeting some handsome German guy who sweeps you off your feet. I spent years looking for that guy in a bar only to have him encroach on designated, uninterrupted “me” time. On the whole, having a dashing foreigner pick me up over a bucket of booze at the full-moon party wasn’t all that bad, but to this day, I can’t watch “Good Morning Vietnam” (pause for a moment of reverence in memory of the late and great Robin Williams) without clenching my teeth and raising a shaky fist in the air with feigned annoyance. Here’s why.

The Happy (solo) Traveler

It all started in Bangkok. I had been traveling for a few weeks by that time, working my way up from Singapore and passing through Malaysia via Malacca, Langkawi, Penang and Kuala Lampur and avoiding tourists like the plague. I had set out alone, created a map of where exactly I wanted to go and what I wanted to see, and was determined to stick to my guns. I rose with the sun and returned around dusk when it became less than ideal for me to wander around solo. Now, don’t get me wrong, I met some fabulous people along the way who were great for dining after dusk (hats off to Julia and Patricia, two of my favourite Germans of all-time); sharing a gondola ride up Penang hill (because 3 white people being stared at is way less awkward);or embarking on a chaotic adventure involving waterfalls, a crazy Russian, a couple of newlyweds and an island with no taxis. But honestly, on the whole, I absolutely loved the parts of my trip where I just wandered around alone for what seemed like hours, stopping to grab sugar cane juice in a bag from this hole in the wall or some pineapple tarts from that little bakery just around the corner. I was on a mission to take charge of my own life, making my own plans and doing so well, until… he came along. Continue reading “Why My Husband (Still) Owes Me a Trip To Vietnam”

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel Solo At Least Once In Their Life

5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel Solo At Least Once In Their Life

Traveling with people you love is arguably the best way to go about it. Sharing the experience allows the excitement to live on for months or years after the actual trip and inserts a sense of timelessness into memories made over the course of a few days or weeks at most. Yet, despite the obvious advantages to traveling in the company of others, there is a heck of a lot to be said about traveling in the best company of all – yourself. Sure, it can be intimidating and it can be scary (in fact, if it’s your first time, it probably will be) but it is also the most empowering experience you will ever have. And the truth is, I miss it.

“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.” Jean-Paul Satre

Years ago, I boarded a plane to Singapore with a one-way ticket and no idea of what would come next. I remember passing through security, seeing my dad fade into the group of people saying their farewells on the other side of the gate, and thinking: What the hell am I doing? I wasn’t a first-time traveler and I was use to spending months away from home, but this time it was different.

This time, I wasn’t heading towards anything specific like a 6-month exchange, or a volunteer trip overseas; this time, I was taking off to plant my feet somewhere they’d never been, without any notion of what I’d do once I finally arrived. I mean, I had a rough idea; I’d booked some of my flights before leaving, and sort of, kind of, planned to end up in London where I could stay with family and figure out my next move. I was shocked at the fear that swept over me as I boarded the plane, backpack in cargo and Frommer’s “Guide to South-East Asia” plunked solidly on my lap. Little did I know back then that that whirlwind trip would be the beginning of a love-affair I would quickly develop with solo travel.

5 Reasons You Will Fall In Love With Solo Travel

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1. You will feel empowered: When you’re traveling by yourself, you have no choice but to dive headfirst into uncomfortable situations. Uncomfortable, not dangerous – they are very different and you have to be careful (particularly as a female traveler) to distinguish between the two. From linguistic barriers to directional mishaps, and plans gone array – when you’re away from home, anything can happen, and you have to be able to rely on yourself to find a solution. The best part? The moment you realize you can. After that, the world truly is yours to discover. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Travel Solo At Least Once In Their Life”

Street Eats, Malaysia: Bullfrog or Durian fruit?

Street Eats, Malaysia: Bullfrog or Durian fruit?

Welcome to Street Eats, our series that covers our favourite street food from around the world

Today, we’re taking a look at Malaysia, a country that offers up a tasty selection up when it comes to what you can eat, on the street. In fact, Malaysia offers such an array of snacks – from noodles to fruit juice, fried sweets and sizzling satay – that it’s really hard to pick just one. So, I’m not going to! This time I’m going to highlight the one street snack that, during my travels to Malacca, Kuala Lampur, Penang and Langawki, took me the farthest away from my comfort zone (and another that I hope never to have to taste – or smell – ever again). When it comes to the most unique street snack in Malaysia, my vote goes to…

#1 Street Snack in Malaysia: Bullfrog

World Travels a) 317I never believed people when they described something as tasting “just like chicken”… until I tried Bullfrog.

What is it?

It’s bullfrog! Cooked in a broth with onions and chives (if memory serves me right). It is surprisingly soft, not at all chewy or tough, if you eat around the veins and small bones that is. It’s also relatively easy to stomach, until you flip it over and see that it is, in fact, a dead frog. In your bowl. I may have cut this meal a little short…

Where can you find it?

You can try bullfrog on Alor Street, one of the best places to find street food in Kuala Lampur! The hawkers of Alor Street fill up the night skies with smells that will make your mouth water and tempt you to indulge in the unknown.

It smells like rotten chicken Continue reading “Street Eats, Malaysia: Bullfrog or Durian fruit?”