Baby on board: The selfish nature of those who text and drive

What is the cost of putting other peoples live in peril?


At 9 months pregnant, I’m trying to be a “cautious” driver. I’m being exceedingly courteous, I’m driving at an appropriate speed and I’m resisting the temptation to pummel reckless drivers who take absolutely no one into consideration but themselves. A few days ago, however, I officially hit my limit. During my one hour commute to the city for a routine check-up in the “city” (yes, I’m officially a “suburbian” and, in exchange for peace and quiet, have to suffer an insane commute into the city), I passed two people obviously texting with their head facing down and eyes anywhere but where they should have been, which was on the road. I also witnessed one car pass another in the same lane, because apparently switching lanes to pass is simply too, what… time consuming?

The final straw came when I had to lean on my horn in order to slow down an insane speedster switching in between cars to gain all of 2 inches on the car in front, to the left, and to the right of him. Him and his buddy were chuckling as they passed me on the right hand side. Had I not been driving the older of our two cars still equipped with roll down windows, I would have shouted something along the lines of “I’m 9 months pregnant, you asshole!” but unfortunately technology put a stop to that rather quickly. And should it really matter that I’m pregnant? Are people that immune to the possibility of ending the life of another fully developed human being that it would take threatening them with being responsible for death in the womb to make them adhere to the basic traffic laws? I feel like unless we all plaster portraits outside our window, driving home the fact that each person in a vehicle is someone’s mother, brother, sister, aunt, son, daughter, husband, wife, or friend – the desensitization isn’t going to stop anytime soon. How sad, is that? Continue reading “Baby on board: The selfish nature of those who text and drive”