The Fairy-Tale Land of Neuschwanstein – No 8 of Top Ten Things to See and Do – The Best of Munich

#8. Enter into the fairy-tale land of Neuschwanstein:

Alright ladies and gents, following last post on Dachau, let’s skip right into the fairy tale world of Ludwig II.

First of all, you should know that Ludwig II was more than a little off his rocker (referred to at times as “the mad king” or “the swan king”, because of his incredible love for the feathery beast), but in his defense, he built really, really, really nice castles.

Neuschwanstein was the most extravagant product of his vivid imagination, known to most tourists as the Cinderella Castle, and the inspiration behind the classic Disney film.  Learn more about Neuschwanstein via my newest blog, featured on Travel Dudes!