Pack Your Bags & Go: How to Embark on a Life-Changing Travel Trip

Written by: Jason Roberts

Whether you want to trace Holden Caulfield’s coming-of-age journey through Manhattan or follow Jack Kerouac on his iconic travels through the country, traveling is a reward in itself. You’ve now decided on forging your own travel story, but how does one prepare for a trip that’s worthy of a story?

Diving In

Whether you’ve just bought your first car or have outfitted your old bicycle with saddle bags for a cross-country odyssey, the first step on your trip may be the hardest. You simply have to pack your bag and go. Once on the road, you will find a community of travelers that will embrace you and a life full of adventure.

Driving at mountain road .

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Top tips for road trips, including 10 “must-have” items to get you on your way

Top tips for road trips, including 10 “must-have” items to get you on your way

Without a doubt, the road trip has become one of the most celebrated means of discovery for the alternative traveler. Old, young, solo or surrounded by a handful of your closest friends, nothing beats taking to the open road, the wind in your hair and home at your back, en route to your next greatest adventure.

Road trips aren’t just tons of fun; they’re a cheap and convenient way to get around. Not sure how to pack? Don’t worry, we’re got you covered.

Road trips are cheaper than flying

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One of the greatest things about road trips is the money you save on travel expenses, especially in countries like Canada, where (thanks to a monopoly on air travel) flying can be outrageously expensive. For North Americans, taking to the roads is an affordable way to explore the vast wilderness that occupies their own backyard, while European road trips can lead to the exploration of multiple countries in only a few days. Forget booking airline tickets and train tickets that cost an arm and a leg, take to the road and travel far, for less.

Planning to embark on some long-term travel? Why not consider investing in a caravan, giving you a motorhome, instead of a mortgage! After all, there’s a reason that the iconic hippie love wagon – the original caravan – has become a symbol for freedom, escape and respite that represents the wonder and beauty of the open road. Whether you decide to buy or rent on-site, a caravan is an awesome way to enjoy a cheaper travel experience.

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