The colours of India: Pushkar

The colours of India: Pushkar

This is the continuation of a photo essay documenting my travels through India! Grab a cup of chai and join me on my journey… don’t forget to visit the Taj Mahal, the Golden Temple, and Wagah while you’re here!

Welcome to Pushkar. As you can see below, the city of Pushkar, located in Rajasthan, lies next to a lake, Pushkar Lake to be exact. The lake itself is a sacred place for Hindus as it holds close association to Brahma, the creator. The holiest of temples dedicated to Brahma also lies in Pushkar and is an incredibly spiritual place. It is believed that a swim in the lake can cleanse both body and soul. While I merely grazed the waters with the tips of my fingers, I was enveloped by the sense of peace that surrounded those bathing in the lake; a feeling I will never forget.

The picture below shows the mountains surrounding Pushkar. If you look quite closely, atop the mountain farthest to the left, you can see  the Savitri Temple, dedicated to the estranged wife of Brahma. My traveling partner and I decided to tackle the pilgrimage to the mountain top early in the morning. It was a beautiful trek, but unfortunately we hadn’t foreseen the sun rising so quickly and got caught without enough water as we reached the summit. The lack of hydration did motivated us to made a rather hasty descent and continue with our tour of Pushkar at ground level.

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