The colours of India: Wagah

The colours of India: Wagah

This is the continuation of a photo essay documenting my travels through India! Grab a cup of chai and join me on my journey… don’t forget to visit the Taj Mahal while you’re here!

Following my visit to The Golden Temple in Amritsar, I was told that there was one other thing I should experience before heading on my way. I was told, I had to see the border ceremony at Wagah.

Wagah, a short and beautiful drive (I arranged a pick-up from a familiar taxi driver beforehand – ask your hotel/hostel manager for fair pricing) from Amritsar, is where you will find the only open road border crossing between Pakistan and India. Early evening, tourists and locals alike gather at the border to witness the ceremony that takes place daily, marking the importance of keeping an open border between the nations. Tourists are offered VIP seating, basically a seat with a view and a guarantee that you’ll be, well, seated.

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London Calling! Where To Shop in England’s Bustling Capital

London Calling! Where To Shop in England’s Bustling Capital

So, how was your meal? Delicious? I told you it would be! After having covered Things to See, Things to Do and finally What to Eat in Part 4 of London Calling, it’s time to get to get shopping. Let’s be honest. If you can’t blow all your cash on holiday, when can you eh? Don’t fret! I know we’re not all high rollers, so below you’re going to find some of the best places to shop in London, no matter your budget.


Visit Harrods Department Store

From food and wine to men and women’s clothing, Harrods proudly offers it all, and fully decorated with union jacks from top to bottom. Despite it’s modest beginnings, this iconic department store has become associated with luxury and fine taste and is known for showcasing well known fashion and beauty lines, and is a hot spot for  celebrity signings and spotting. The store offers everything from British souvenirs like Paddington Bear and Harrods own tinned tea to chocolate covered crickets (trust me, I bought them). Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it’s worth a trip inside Harrods to get a feel for where the upper crust of London society spend their hard earned money. The building is beautiful inside and out and you can enjoy 7 floors of shopping fun.

Step into Marks and Spencer 

Lovingly referred to as “Marks and Sparks” by lovers of this British chain, Marks and Spencer offer delicious treats for all to enjoy including my absolute favourite indulgence: Battenburg Cake – a light sponge cake that is checkered in pink and yellow and covered in a delicious layer of marzipan (and I don’t even really like marzipan!) Besides having delightful snacks that can intrigue any visitor, Marks and Spencers also has a (relatively conservative) line of clothing that features, according to my father, the most comfortable underwear in the world. Men, act now! Women, you also might find something of interest. This will most likely take the form of hot cross buns or Rowntree (now owned by Nestle) candies like fruit pastilles. Delicious. Go ahead, indulge.

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