South Africa: World Cup 2010

South Africa: World Cup 2010

You may think that the World Cup is about soccer, or perhaps the exposure given to new cities the world over – guess again. You know what the World Cup is  really about? It’s about thousands of people from all over the world getting together in peaceful times to celebrate the universality of humankind that manifests itself, over the few weeks that make up the World Cup, in a game made up of eleven a side who represent something much, much bigger than that.

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“The Has-Been”

Don’t let them fool you – it’s hard being a has-been.

Sure, it’s nice to look back once in a while and reminisce on successes, victories and the “you” you use to be, but where does that leave you now? For over 15 years, I was a soccer player and everyone knew it. I reveled in the fact that I was an “athlete”, a “jock” who had the right to walk around wearing sweatpants, eat ten times a day with no consequence, and leave class early to make an early game across town. It was bliss.

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