Visit Dachau – No 9 of Top Ten Things to See and Do – The Best of Munich

After taking a look at Schloss Nymphenburg number #10 on the Best of Munich series, the countdown continues!

#9. Visit Dachau:

I’m always hesitant to recommend a visit to Dachau as a stop on any tourist trip to Munich, but the truth is, the remnants of Germany’s first concentration camp are important to see.

For many, including a large percentage of North Americans, it is the only way to fully grasp the atrocities that took place during a very dark period in German history.

The reason I hesitate in recommending this as a “must-see” for tourists is my empathy for the German people who have come so far in putting the horrors of World War Two behind them.

That in mind, a trip to Dachau can be a sobering experience well worth the visit.  Read more about Dachau on my newest blog featured on Travel Dudes!

Schloss Nymphenburg – No 10 of Top Ten Things to See and Do – The Best of Munich

After having lived for two years in Munich, I’ve become the “go-to” for advice on how to spend a couple of days touring the city.

Unfortunately for many of my friends, family members and colleagues who are North Americans  with a full-time job, this means two weeks in Europe and maybe 2-3 days spent whizzing through each city (shortening the stay when first impressions don’t live up to expectations).

Having put together a list similar to this a thousand times, I wanted to share a formal “Best of Munich”, outlining my favourite things to do in what will remain forever in my books die beste Stadt der Welt!

So, in an effort to break things up a bit, I have written about my ten favourite things to do in Munich, starting with #10 and working backwards.

Read about #10: Schloss Nymphenburg and more via my newest blog featured on Travel Dudes!