Odeonsplatz – No 7 of Top Ten Things to See and Do – The Best of Munich

The countdown continues…

#7. Odeonsplatz:

Now that we’ve taken a tour of  Schloss Nymphenburg, toured the concentration camp  at Dachau and let our imaginations run wild in the fairy-tale land of Neuschwanstein, it’s time to head back into the centre of Munich and get acquainted with some of the best things to see without stepping a foot outside the city. Here we go!

Odeonsplatz is a neat stopover during a walk in and around the Marienplatz. I say stopover because it demands more observation than interaction.

A large pedestrian square, flanked by the Theatine Church (built in Italian-Baroque style) on one side and the Munich Residenz on the other, the Felderrnhalle, provides a sort of entrance to the inner city.

In fact, Odeonsplatz today marks the spot where the Schwabinger Tor once stood, the entrance to the old city from what was the village of Schwabing. Years later, Odeonsplatz would make history once again during the Hitlerputsch in 1923. Read more about Odeonsplatz (and the importance of befriending a lion) via my newest blog featured on Travel Dudes!

Visit Dachau – No 9 of Top Ten Things to See and Do – The Best of Munich

After taking a look at Schloss Nymphenburg number #10 on the Best of Munich series, the countdown continues!

#9. Visit Dachau:

I’m always hesitant to recommend a visit to Dachau as a stop on any tourist trip to Munich, but the truth is, the remnants of Germany’s first concentration camp are important to see.

For many, including a large percentage of North Americans, it is the only way to fully grasp the atrocities that took place during a very dark period in German history.

The reason I hesitate in recommending this as a “must-see” for tourists is my empathy for the German people who have come so far in putting the horrors of World War Two behind them.

That in mind, a trip to Dachau can be a sobering experience well worth the visit.  Read more about Dachau on my newest blog featured on Travel Dudes!