Very Inspiring Blogger Award: A lovely reminder of why I blog

Very Inspiring Blogger Award: A lovely reminder of why I blog

First of all, I’d like to say a big “thank you” to Costa Rice Travel Blog for nominating thefriendlygiraffe for this award! I am very touched to be connected with the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” as inspiring other people (writers, travelers, readers or dreamers) is exactly what this blog was intended to do. Initially, it was to fulfill a void in my own storage of inspiration. I wanted to write about something I loved (actually, I just wanted to write, period) and thus, thefriendlygiraffe was born.

Starting this blog inspired me to get creative about content, put my pen to paper (or fingers to they keyboard) and stay disciplined in updating a growing readership of like-minded individuals wanting to learn about the world outside themselves. In short, receiving a blog for being inspiring simply inspires me to keep writing and reminds me why I started this blog in the first place.

Rules and Regs of the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. Display the Award Certificate on your website.
  2. Announce your win with a post and link to whoever presented you with the award.
  3. Present 15 awards to deserving bloggers.
  4. Drop them a comment to tip them off after you have linked them in the post.
  5. Post 7 interesting things about yourself

7 Travel memories to last a lifetime

So, what are 7 interesting things about thefriendlygiraffe? Well, let’s switch things up a bit shall we? Instead of listing facts that you may (or may not) find interesting about me, here are my top 7 travel memories (in no particular order and any of which could be rivaled by a million others along the way): Continue reading “Very Inspiring Blogger Award: A lovely reminder of why I blog”