Working from home: the ideal work environment or a lonely state of being?

home office
Sitting in bed this morning, gazing out my window only to see thick snowflakes fall by the dozen, it was easy to make the call that today – I would be working from home. As I watched my poor husband trudge outside to wipe snow off the hood of the car and make his way – at a snail’s pace – into the office, I felt bad for the guy! That was, until I went to turn my computer on only to find that the internet was down, “what the…?”. No internet means no work and one very big problem. So, I packed up my stuff and headed across the street for breakfast and access to high-speed WIFI courtesy of Aroma Espresso Bar.

After this unlikely series of events – having the ability to stay home and avoid the storm only to face the technological breakdown of a home internet system – I really started pondering the advantages and disadvantages of working from home. I myself am currently in what I believe to be the ideal situation, where I work from home three times a week and go into the office twice a week to mix with colleagues and get up to speed on anything I’ve missed. That being said, working from home can really go either way depending on your lifestyle and the job traits that matter most to you!

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