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Welcome to my blog and online portfolio. My name is Arden and I am the girl behind thefriendlygiraffe. While I am indeed a friendly giraffe, I’m primarily a mom, a runner, a wife, a freelance writer with an interest in just about everything and a digital marketer hoping to leave the world better off a little better than I found it.

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My work as a writer began following my experience working in Tanzania as project assistant with a Canadian NGO. Writing for Youth Challenge International as a regular contributor to their bi-monthly newsletter, I branched into freelance writing (click here to see samples from my online portfolio), mainly content, for consultancies, film companies, and travel guides. While reviewing restaurants and cafes around Munich, I began to teach Business English to professionals within the pharmaceutical and engineering industries before pausing to pursue my graduate degree on the other side of the channel.

I dipped my fingers in PR before moving into the role of Outreach Manager with Verge Magazine. Working in an industry I love while promoting the concept of travel with purpose allowed me to continue to expand my reach as a communications professional and learn something new every day on the job. Outreach was a great experience but after a year and a half, and some very itchy fingers later, I made the decision to dive headfirst into marketing, combining my zest for travel my passion for bringing a voice to brands I love.

Today you’ll find me back in Toronto working as Marketing Director at Class Afloat – a study abroad program that encourages high school and university students to continually push the boundaries of their comfort zone.

Along came thefriendlygiraffe

A runner, a mother, a writer, however I try to define myself, in the end, I’m just me: a tall Canuck with a desire to discover the world around her, and a soft spot for mango-sticky rice. Can you blame me? I’m head over heels for the man I love and I’m eager to travel the world while growing in every direction. Up next on my list of things to do include mastering the German language and writing diligently in an effort to provide you with running commentary of all things that turn the neck of a friendly giraffe.

After moving around for a couple of years, I’m back in Toronto with my eyes set on the road ahead, this time accompanied by my wonderful husband, a toddler and a desire to re-discover the Canada I left behind.

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15 thoughts on “Welcome to thefriendlygiraffe

  1. Loving your blog Arden! Giraffes happen to have been my favorite animal when I was a kid too! i’m looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  2. Hello Arden!

    My name is Christopher John Taylor. My wife Kate and I run an online entertainment magazine, TheBOX. We just launched it on the first of July.

    We are currently looking for writers to submit original content in specific categories like, Film, Television, Fashion and Music as well as Art, Theater, Culture, Food and Travel and to intersperse that original content with our mainstream entertainment based offerings daily.

    Thanks to Leslie at Bucket List we came across your work and liked it.

    We’d like to invite you to write some articles for us to enhance both you and your blog’s reputation as well as promoting you as a writer.

    If you’d be interested in this, we’d like to talk further. Please email myself ctaylor@htla973.com or Kate (Editor in Chief) ktaylor@htla973.com and we can set up a talk.

    Looking very much forward and best regards,

  3. the behind the post is awesome especially her eyes which are deep like lakes where love is splashing around eye walls like sea waves 🙂

  4. I really enjoy your blog. I just noticed the picture of the Berlin wall at the top of this page. I have a photo in the exact same spot!! When were you there? I was last there about 8 years ago and my pic has alot less art/graffitti on it. I just found it interesting and a lovely flashback for me 🙂

    1. Hi there! Thanks so much for the feedback! This picture was taken in Berlin in 2008-what a great city! Definitely worth a return trip! Have a great day, enjoy the blog… and happy travels!

  5. Oh my, I just noticed that I didn’t subscribed to your blog. That’s why I missed so many great posts.. lesson learned. I am following now!

  6. Hi Arden,

    it’s a quite good blog here. As we are planning to move to Toronto in 2015 and stay there for good we hope to meet you sometime. 🙂

    Greetings from Nuremberg, Germany

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